International consensus on a complications list after gastrectomy for cancer


Perioperative complications can affect outcomes after gastrectomy for cancer, with high mortality and morbidity rates ranging between 10 and 40%. The absence of a standardized system for recording complications generates wide variation in evaluating their impacts on outcomes and hinders proposals of quality-improvement projects. The aim of this study was to provide a list of defined gastrectomy complications approved through international consensus.

The Gastrectomy Complications Consensus Group consists of 34 European gastric cancer experts who are members of the International Gastric Cancer Association. A group meeting established the work plan for study implementation through Delphi surveys. A consensus was reached regarding a set of standardized methods to define gastrectomy complications.

A standardized list of 27 defined complications (grouped into 3 intraoperative, 14 postoperative general, and 10 postoperative surgical complications) was created to provide a simple but accurate template for recording individual gastrectomy complications. A consensus was reached for both the list of complications that should be considered major adverse events after gastrectomy for cancer and their specific definitions. The study group also agreed that an assessment of each surgical case should be completed at patient discharge and 90 days postoperatively using a Complication Recording Sheet.

The list of defined complications (soon to be validated in an international multicenter study) and the ongoing development of an electronic datasheet app to record them provide the basic infrastructure to reach the ultimate goals of standardized international data collection, establishment of benchmark results, and fostering of quality-improvement projects.

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GL Baiocchi, S Giacopuzzi, D Marrelli, D Reim, G Piessen, P Matos da Costa, JV Reynolds, HJ Meyer, P Morgagni, I Gockel, L Lara Santos, LS Jensen, T Murphy, SR Preston, M Ter-Ovanesov, U Fumagalli Romario, M Degiuli, W Kielan, S Mönig, P Kołodziejczyk, W Polkowski, R Hardwick, M Pera, J Johansson, PM Schneider, W O de Steur, S Gisbertz, H Hartgrink, JW van Sandick, N Portolani, AH Hölscher, M Botticini, F Roviello, C Mariette, W Allum, G De Manzoni.

Gastric Cancer (2018) DOI: 10.1007/s10120-018-0839-5